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Jolt protects you from fraudsters and speeds up insurance claims by providing irrefutable evidence of what happened. Let Jolt remove the stress from your driving.

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  • Fully functioning dashcam
  • Continuous video recording
  • Constant year round protection
  • Completed incident report following an accident
  • Telemetry data from Smartphone
  • Maximum protection against insurance fraudsters
  • Record third party incidents without charge
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  • Fully functioning dashcam
  • Continuous video recording
  • Option to buy incident report following accident
  • Telemetry data from Smartphone

The World’s First Free Dashcam

Jolt turns your smartphone into a high functioning dashcam. Simply download Jolt, get your unique activation code from the Jolt website, enter some one time details then you’re good to go.

Jolt records looped video and monitors components within your phone. When you are involved in an accident, the software saves the video of the incident, in addition to lots of supporting data, including;

  • Record conversations
  • Exact location of accident
  • Alert emergency services
  • Impact speed
  • Witness details
  • Images of vehicle damage
  • Weather Conditions
  • Street and plan view maps
  • Details of any injuries
  • Numbers of passengers
  • Third party insurance details
  • Precise time and date

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Dashcam users are less than half as likely to take the blame for accidents. Jolt offers you the best protection against dishonest & fraudulent road users.

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